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Best Biographies to Crack Open
8 days ago
You will often stumble with the need for inspiration or intrigue to read about someone's narrative. I've approached a few biographies which left a delightful taste in my mouth. This will include a sel...
Best Young Adult Fiction
a month ago
I would look back on my adolescent years and what I'd read was far different from what my friends were reading. What I've recall Twilight and The Hunger Games were two popular reads in early 2010s, an...
12 Best Books of 2019
a month ago
There's nothing like sitting down, sipping a hot toddy (or whatever is your poison), with an astounding work of fiction. What I've heard through the grapevine—if you're a bookworm (or not), and you're...
12 Books for Women to Read
2 months ago
A few times you've often found yourself down a dark rabbit hole—trapped. Soon you manage to climb out, but not as the same person— as an improved version. In my teens and early twenties, I’ve found my...
Introducing Amy Edwards, Content Creator
2 months ago
It was a Wednesday morning, and Amy has just wrapped up another episode of The Real Show podcast, where she has deep one-on-one conversations. “I love the medium to reach people,” she says. “and bring out the fact that we all have the same fears, doubts, and insecurities.” Late in March, the content creator took to Twitter to share exciting news about the launch of a new series on the podcast where she sits down with inspiring women who are making it happen. The host, Edwards, has taken on the d...
15 Indulging Chick Flicks
2 months ago
Few nights you're down two cups of hot toddy (tea + whiskey), jamming your toes into Mules, and soon walking down to the local bar. Other nights you're on the couch with close friends, drinking beer f...