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I am a writer with a wide range of interests.  Don't see anything that sparks your fancy? Check back again later, you might be surprised by what's up my sleeve.

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Dark Night Part 7
a year ago
I had Kearse make one stop on our way back to the haunted house, and admittedly it was a weird request to him, but god bless him he went with it. “If things turn hairy in there, we might need back up,...
Dark Night Part 6
a year ago
We made it back to Kerse’s office when I saw something on his door “Wait… it's spelled “Kearse”? With an 'A'?” He blinked at me a few times. “Yeah.” I handed him the business card I’d lifted off his d...
Unpleasant Facts
a year ago
Let us begin with facts. Hard, verifiable facts. First there have not been 18 school shootings since January. Not every discharge of a firearm on a campus constitutes a "school shooting." For more det...
'Black Panther' Quick Hits
a year ago
So, I don't often review movies that are still in theaters because of the obvious spoiler factor. Good, bad, or meh I want you to want to see a movie regardless of what I think and I want you to enjoy...
Facing an Invisible Foe
a year ago
When you struggle with anxiety, the things most people take for granted become overwhelming obstacles. It affects so much about your entire life; your schedule, how you interact with your family, how ...
Dark Night Part 5
a year ago
While Kerse drove, I used my phone to scour the internet for any trace of Beverly in any historical documents. At one point I found a copy of Rosa Park’s arrest report, which I thought was odd at firs...