Mel Pearce

A small-town freelance writer and office clerk that loves video games, history, cats, and bears. Predominantly plays and roleplays FFXIV.

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The Awful Truth About Fake Geek Girls
4 days ago
They stalk conventions in skimpy costumes, spending money on geeky merchandise, all to sink their claws into and seduce an unsuspecting Real Geek Boy. They'll flutter those fake eyelashes as they slin...
Ontario's Pot Distribution Model is a Huge Mistake
10 days ago
It was recently announced that pot distribution in Ontario, Canada will be taken care of by a variant of the LCBO. The LCBO is also known as the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and their stores accou...
Have You Found Your Writing Voice?
16 days ago
Every writer has a voice. You know, that inner monologue that goes on while you write, that comes out in the words you type onto a page. It's your way of getting your thoughts out there. It's how othe...
Challenging Our Negative Thoughts
24 days ago
Our brains can be assholes. When you're suffering from depression or a related illness, your brain is basically stuck in asshole-mode. It defaults to telling you all sorts of lies about how you can't ...
It's Time to Move Away From Reproductive-Focused Spirituality
a month ago
Z. Budapest's rhetoric against trans women and pushing them out of women-only spiritual spaces is still fresh in my memory. It still makes me ill just thinking about it. That's just one symptom of a p...
It Might Be Worth Something One Day!
a month ago
I hate those words. Look, my family grew up poor. My father's family was made up of six kids all born within a span of less than ten years. Grandpa was a GM worker. There wasn't a hell of a lot of mon...