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Matt Blake - founder of the Mega Man Fan Realm

'Mega Man' and 'Mega Man X' Anniversaries Today!
2 months ago
Today, December 17 2018, marks the 31st anniversary of Mega Man which was initially released in Japan as Rockman. Today is also the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man X (initially released in Japan as Rockm...
Giving the Gift of Mega Man This Christmas!
2 months ago
Toys can be a powerful thing, as they are often a physical and tangible representation of a character or hero that we love. Even as an adult, I have talked to many of my peers about Christmas memories...
'Mega Man 11' Review
5 months ago
Not since March 2010, has a new installment in the classic Mega Man series been released. However, in 2014, Mega Man was featured in the massive hit game Super Smash Bros (for Wii U). The trailer that...
Mega Man: An Underrated, yet Amazing Superhero!
5 months ago
Superheros are without a doubt a massive part of pop culture. They dominate video games, the film industry and comic books. DC and Marvel have certainly spawned the most popular Superheros. However, t...
Obsessed with 'Mega Man!'
6 months ago
Many people have obsessions, and these are forged out of passion, love, and interest. Some common obsessions seem to include that for a sports team, a movie star, or a famous singer. For me, my passio...
'Mega Man: Fully Charged' Review
6 months ago
August 2018 marked the debut of a brand new animated Mega Man series, titled Mega Man: Fully Charged. The show recently premiered on the Cartoon Network. It follows the adventures of a boy robot named...