Marcus Azaria

Constantly searching for additional income sources.Millennial, 3 time provincial sports champion(basketball,baseball) 

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Built Brick by Brick
4 days ago
Imagine this ... Fights in school, going hungry, coming up in a single mother upbringing, not having money for clothes, wearing your one sweater and sweatpants in the middle of June because it's your ...
Putting Your Music Out There
23 days ago
Okay, I used a website that will put your music on a lot of different websites including Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes Deezer and many more. This site offers to charge you 15 percent s...
Keep Going, Keep Working
a month ago
My main motive on here is to earn income, but I want to do it in a way that will allow others to make their dream come true. I've been reading a book I asked for, for Christmas. It is written by Tony ...
How to Become a Millionaire
a month ago
First off, I'm not a millionaire, so be sure to seek advice from someone who has already become one and copy what they do. So let's break it down—to become a millionaire, you need to either make $2,73...
Coming Up
a month ago
I've been in and out of the psychiatric hospital ever since my teenage years. It really started with my single parent upbringing—not having anything we wanted and being frustrated with nothing to do a...
The Fun We Had with Weed
3 months ago
I know everyone says you shouldn't smoke marijuana as a kid. It causes brain development issues and all that. Well, we smoked it quite a bit. I will be indulging in some of my memories when I used it....