Mahn Lion

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The Secret About Creativity
10 days ago
Imagine you’re one of those fancy-pants Fine Arts students over at Art School. You’re a genuinely fine painter, exquisite at drawing, and a master of the socio-political histories that made your art f...
Why You Should See 'Annihilation'
10 days ago
Along with Fight Club (David Fincher) and A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick), Annihilation is one of only three movies I’d recommend watching before reading the book. The other two have confusing pr...
Why Coming Out Isn't A Choice
14 days ago
Four days ago, I was sitting in a group of FtM’s. We sat around a chocolate cake that read “happy birthday to me” in icing—something that is present at each of the monthly meetings of trans guys at th...
14 days ago
Beneath her beige cotton shawl, the old goblin lady sat hunched, arthritic and knitting. This was in the beginning. She knitted the lands, The oceans, The monsters and Winds. She knitted things into t...
Practical Ways to Get Sh*t Done.
14 days ago
Here’s how to get shit done: Look at when you’re most productive and build systems to replicate it. It’s really that simple.
15 days ago
The passage is dark, Unknown, Unsafe Lost as sea—trans-oceanic. Land unseen for weeks at a time. And salt in your skin And salt in your eyes. We do it, And don’t understand yet why Lost at sea, Unkind...