Mackenzie Z. Kennedy

Socialite and dating guru Mackenzie Kennedy knows all about the inner workings of people and society as a whole. It's not only her lifestyle - it's her passion. She lives in Hoboken with her pet dogs, Cassie and Callie.

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How to Make a Dating Profile that Doesn't Suck (For Guys)
2 years ago
Whether you're a guy on Tinder or a bachelor on OKCupid, you probably already know how important having a good dating profile can be. If you want to have success, you need to be have a good profile th...
Can You Trust A Guy Who Ghosted Someone Else?
2 years ago
Ghosting is a sad reality in today's modern dating scene. It's the act of disappearing without a warning or a trace as a way to break up with someone. Most people agree it's an act of cowardice that s...
Best 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Alternatives to Read
2 years ago
Fifty Shades of Grey ushered in a new era of erotic literature. Once relegated to "adults only" sections of bookstores or left to be discretely bought online, BDSM-focused books are now increasingly m...
The Beginner's Guide to Sexy Lingerie
2 years ago
Ask any single person who's ever gone into Victoria's Secret, and they'll tell you that sexy lingerie isn't easy to buy. In fact, wearing the wrong bra or panties can make a totally fit, visually stun...
Signs a Man Is Emotionally Attached to You
2 years ago
It's very easy to figure out whether a girl has gotten emotionally attached to a guy. As women, we tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves and pride ourselves on being open books. Men, on the other han...
Why We Actually Sit Around the Table for Dinner
2 years ago
Eating is a part of the human experience in every single sense of the word. We all get excited when we smell something delicious wafting from the kitchen. Everyone loves to sink their teeth into a fav...