Mackenzie Kennedy

Socialite and dating guru Mackenzie Kennedy knows all about the inner workings of people and society as a whole. It's not only her lifestyle - it's her passion. She lives in Hoboken with her pet dogs, Cassie and Callie.

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Awesome Lifehacks that Use Everyday Objects
7 days ago
Ever meet someone who was able to make things work, no matter how little resources they had at their disposal? It's really something amazing to see; and most of us mere mortals are curious as to how t...
Signs You're Being Abused by Your Partner
11 days ago
One of my more recent exes was abusive to me; I just didn't know it when we were dating. With his unique form of narcissism, he actually had me convinced that it was my insecurity, and my weakness tha...
Best Vibrator Attachments for Your Favorite Sex Toys
12 days ago
For the longest time, vibrators were a "one trick pony" among sex toys. They vibrated, and provided a single sensation—back then, everyone just thought that was what vibrators would always be. Oh, how...
Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair
15 days ago
There are few conditions as mortifying as being a woman who's losing hair—but it will happen to around half of all women. As taboo as it is, it's time that we start talking about thinning hair and how...
Best Natural Dog Treats for a Healthy Dog
18 days ago
Most people today will be able to acknowledge how bad a lot of food additives are for a person's health. This is because studies have shown that many of the ingredients being jammed into junk food ten...
Weird Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know
23 days ago
Dogs are man's best friend and winners of the internet. They are the second most common pet next to cats, and are also typically the hallmark of a person who is outgoing and well-liked. Everyone likes...