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Tying a Sari
5 months ago
What is a sari? The sari goes back to 2800-1800 BC where cotton and silk were woven in the northern parts of India and made into meters of cloth used to drape over women. Typically 5-9 yards of fabric...
A Story About Coworker Friendships
8 months ago
Being a positive person, I tend to make very close relationships, very fast. In my working career of over 10 years, I have continuously jumped between companies and school, giving me the opportunity t...
Manifesting a Passing Thought
9 months ago
What happens to a passing thought? Passing thoughts are the same as the multiple paths we cross each day—mingling our world with the energies offered by a shared, common home that we call earth We off...
Mindfulness & Music
9 months ago
When music hits you and you feel no pain, isn't that the best feeling? Music is everywhere, whether we want it to be or not. Don't you want to achieve that blissful feeling everywhere you hear it? I k...
Simple Skin Hygiene; Be-you-tiful
a year ago
Hello beautiful readers! I wanted to share my skin care routine with everyone because it is cheap and it works. I get compliments on my skin all the time, especially since I don't wear make-up—it make...
Moving Out of My Parents' Home: A Decision
2 years ago
Why are you thinking about moving from your parents' home? Is it really worth it? For me the major question was: When you have the option of escaping a toxic environment at the cost of scarring meanin...