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Paper Houses
8 months ago
When I was eight years old my father told me that we had money problems and so I brought him my piggy bank. What was only pennies and dimes to most were riches to me? Even with what meagre savings I h...
The Baby Aisle
8 months ago
Shallow footsteps carry me down the winding row of plastic-wrapped objects. The smell of baby-powder tickling my nose like the memory of childhood. In the heart of the aisle, I am five years old again...
Mr. Darcy's Day Out
8 months ago
Comfort animals are used to bring comfort to a wide range of chronic and mentally ill people. Due to the fact that this privilege is often taken for granted by those who don't suffer from such illness...
Let There Be Light
9 months ago
The place was akin to a terrestrial purgatory. When I eventually gained the courage to trudge up to the abandoned reception desk and shakily sign my name and the time in a binder with crumpled pages, ...
When the Abyss Stares Back
9 months ago
Ever since I was a child, I have been afflicted with what I have recently dubbed “the horror gene.” It runs in my mother’s side of the family and skips a generation. My maternal grandfather had it; th...
Absent, Not Gone
9 months ago
“It’s you and me against the world.” Those were the words my grandfather would often utter when I padded downstairs to kiss him goodnight. He was a quiet man who rarely indulged in idle conversation, ...