Luqman Sattar

I'm just a dude that likes reading comic books and writing my thoughts on em. 

The Summer of Love
3 days ago
If you read comics then you know that there are a couple weddings coming up in both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. So what I'm going to do is talk about why they are happening, why they are important, a...
Everybody Is Looking for Wolverine
6 days ago
In 2014, Marvel released a storyline called The Death of Wolverine where Wolverine did exactly that. I won't go too much into that story but I will provide a quick summary with important details I thi...
We Know Nothing About Venom
7 days ago
The first issue of Venom is shown to be a chance for Marvel to build on not just the Venom Symbiote's relationship with its host but for the symbiote itself. This post will contain spoilers for Venom ...
Something Is Wrong With the Venom Symbiote
9 days ago
We're going to be jumping into Marvel's new Venom solo title. The two issues that have been released are fairly good, and they take Venom in a new direction. So what we are going to be focusing on tod...
Bruce Banner Returns!
13 days ago
For those of you who don't know, the Hulk is one of my favorite characters, which is why I chose to write this as my next post. A couple of years ago, when the Captain America: Civil War movie was com...
The Importance of Time-Displacement
14 days ago
Everybody knows that comic book universes and timelines are very very confusing and likely deter people that want to read comics from actually reading them. Because of that, people complain a lot abou...