Luna Alva

Fantasy author currently working on first saga called Axis Mundi(Book 1: Wind Weaver of Dreams) 

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6 months ago
When you live by the sea, there are so many things that can seem more beautiful than the evening sunset or a red sunrise. You wake up to the clear light entering through your window while the wind car...
Angel of Death
a year ago
The first time we met, she was only sixteen years old. She had been beaten up by a dirty middle aged man while trying to escape. After mercilessly hitting her repeatedly, she was left out in the dark ...
She's Still Here
a year ago
I can't really remember when it started, maybe yesterday or a month ago but she's still here. I see her every day and night, she doesn't talk or move, sometimes I think she doesn't even blink though I...
a year ago
The man turned away and started walking back to his car, his feet felt light, as if his whole body was floating. He had lived for so long and his mind was weak and shattered but he couldn't forget eve...
2 years ago
I can't sleep, my eyes will close but sleep denies my existence every night The images of my loss project inside my head and my heart Torturing me, reminding me of the pain of losing you forever They ...
2 years ago
One more day goes by and everything remains the same as yesterday. The sun keeps shining every morning, the rain keeps falling on warm summer nights and my loved one is always by my side. He kisses me...