Luna Alva

I'm passionate about creating a world so captivating that every word and phrase can be transformed into an explosion of love, fantasy and magic! I'm currently working on my first novel called The Strings of Destiny!

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3 days ago
I can't sleep, my eyes will close but sleep denies my existence every night The images of my loss project inside my head and my heart Torturing me, reminding me of the pain of losing you forever They ...
9 days ago
One more day goes by and everything remains the same as yesterday. The sun keeps shining every morning, the rain keeps falling on warm summer nights and my loved one is always by my side. He kisses me...
My Home
10 days ago
I come from a place where happiness reigns every single day The less fortunate will smile even if the skies are gray This place has the most amazing music and culture And its food is as varied as the ...
12 days ago
Us humans are so simple and yet so complex We spent so much time searching for a reason to live while some are eager to find a way to die. And death itself is a blessing and a curse, freedom and doom ...
Boundless Affection
14 days ago
There was a time when music made no sense A time when love words didn’t mean that much But one day destiny made its move upon me When you hypnotized me with your voice Bringing a colorful rainbow of m...
Fairy Lily
14 days ago
Once upon a time in a faraway land in the deepest corner of the deepest forest there was a beautiful fairy. She was a curious one; always observing and learning from every single creature that lived t...