Lucky Flurry

Currently 20 Years Old, Creator of Remus & Lucky Flurry, Writer, Outdoorsy Person, Painter, Photographer.

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Mother Nature
9 days ago
SHE WAS the type of girl who could not only heal you with her words but with her touch, her tongue, her entire being. Just being near her felt like a healing I didn’t deserve. Mother nature had that e...
9 days ago
Remus’ stomach bottomed out, and it didn’t have anything to do with being at the end of his Father’s arm. It was those goddamn blue eyes staring back at him. The ones that matched his to a T. “Why can...
10 days ago
DEATH DOES this thing to us. It affects all of us. It's shaped like a circle, surrounding us daily. There isn't a way around it, each of us has a spot within this circle, this vicious circle. It stops...
10 days ago
Lucky huffed as his feet touched the ice covered ground, his hands holding onto the lead that led to the horse. His eyes flickering over towards Layla. "We're here," Lucky said, his hands tying the le...