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Thrice married, in love once, overly romantic, and hypersexual.

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How to Tell If He's Cheating on You
2 years ago
We can't help but confess that there are certainly times in a relationship that we can sense our partner is cheating on us. Whether he's going out more than hanging with you, or he's hiding his phone ...
Signs a Shy Guy Likes You
2 years ago
When it comes to shy guys, it's actually pretty hard to tell if they like you or not, because they're just so quiet! They're not like most guys who are very outgoing, loud, and straightforward if they...
Best Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples
2 years ago
Being a lesbian can make it hard to shop for sex toys — to a point. There are a lot of options that you can choose, but not many of them are actually worth the price you'd pay. Worse, some of them are...
Best Beginner Sex Toys for Her
2 years ago
Our society has a very warped, twisted way of dealing with sex — and that's a shame. Many people end up being too scared to actually try anything sexual until far too late in life, and this is especia...
Scent of Sexual Attraction
2 years ago
If you've ever read the classified section of an underground sex tabloid (or remember the pertinent plot thread from season three of Netflix's Orange is the New Black, chances are you're aware of adve...
How Sinful Are You?
2 years ago
Sin just isn't what it used to be. Ever since the I'm-okay-you're-okay mentality settled on us like a mist of molasses a while back, the fun's gone out of it. Practically no one worries about hellfire...