Liam Parker

23, from the south of coast of England.

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A Brit in New York
5 months ago
For those who haven’t visited the UK, I would highly recommend it. Full of culture, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and ridiculously unpredictable weather, I'm very proud to say I was born and ...
The Insta-Lie
6 months ago
While the title may sound as if I’m against Instagram, I’m really not. In fact, I absolutely love it, and it would be my favourite social media app if Twitter didn’t exist. Instagram is great. It embo...
Has 'The Walking Dead' Had Its Day?
6 months ago
To say I have watched The Walking Dead from the start would be a complete lie. When the show aired its first episode in 2010, I had heard of it briefly but decided to give it a miss. Flash forward to ...