Laura DiNovis

Laura DiNovis is student to a craft she will never fully understand. She will also never fully understand how to write bios.

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In Geraldine Connolly's Newest Book, a Beautiful Melancholy Is Found
5 days ago
Instantaneously mesmerizing, Aileron's cover alone alerts tempted readers that they will be transported to elsewhere, perhaps to some mysterious plane which will allow them to view this mortal coil th...
Susana H. Case Offers Excitement, Ghosts and Goats
14 days ago
Open Susana H. Case's Drugstore Blue and embark on a time traveling journey filled with decisive and imaginative verse. This is a brilliant collection which repudiates the notion that poetry is a leth...
In Review: 'The Paradox Complex' by C. L. Williams
20 days ago
First impressions are everything and poet C. L. Williams does not fail to make an impression with his eighth book of poetry, The Paradox Complex. The overall structure of the book, rather than the poe...
Karen Paul Holmes Creates Attainable Poetry
25 days ago
Poetry as an art form has the (sometimes rather apt) reputation of remaining elusive to the casual reader. Newcomers to the delightful world of verse may become locked in an eternal struggle with the ...
Mortal Gods Demand a Sacrifice
2 months ago
Sitting in my knitted blanket, worming through Twitter updates on abusive husbands, neglected African American artists, dead children- I can be as cynical as I want. Every disdainful sip of coffee dec...
My Little Gladiator
3 months ago
My little gladiator just came from the garden, that amphitheater where she contends against the birds and insects. Her sandals’ straps twisting up her legs as the English Ivy winds up her beloved Mapl...