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Curious adventurer. Crazed reader. Archery fanatic. Amateur author.

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'Instant Family' - Movie Review
6 months ago
Instant Family will send you running to hug your children (or your parents), but in a good way. It's like when everyone cries over Jack dying at the end of Titanic, or Noah and Allie getting back toge...
New Orleans Originals
6 months ago
New Orleans is full of tourist traps from tours, to museums, to specialty stores, so while it may seem best to do them all if you can, here's a few that are particularly worthwhile.
'New Orleans Vampires' by Marita Woywod Crandle - Book Review
6 months ago
We all know that New Orleans is a city filled with the supernatural. From The Originals on CW to Anne Rice’s novels to AHS: Coven on FX and all the books, movies, shows, museums, and stories in betwee...
The Hidden Truths of History
7 months ago
Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay is a historical novel set in a frame story published in 2007. According to, a frame story is “a narrative providing the framework for connecting a serie...
7 months ago
She walks through the dimly lit theater Looking for the perfect spot To watch the world go dancing past Romance, comedy, musical, mystery The rhyme and reason matter not She just needs to waste the da...
Welcome Back the King and Queen
7 months ago
Stephen King was a name that used to strike fear into the hearts of many, especially with his first novel Carrie in 1974. The storyline was unlike anything written before, and within two short years, ...