Kola Weisbrich

VP of a digital marketing company.  Artist.  Writer.  Foodie.  Degree in film (it's *really* being put to good use...) Star Wars junkie.


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You're Perfect on Paper, So Why Don't I Like You?
2 years ago
Recently I made a new friend. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and he’s pretty dang awesome. We’ll call my new friend Carter. Carter is pretty great, we immediately hit it off (I’m pret...
Traveling Alone? Don't Forget...
2 years ago
Traveling alone can be one of the best experiences of a person’s life. But that doesn’t mean it is without it’s risks, especially if you are a young woman. Not everyone has Liam Neeson as a father who...
Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know
2 years ago
Girls (and guys), there is so much information out there about beauty. Mainly tips and tricks to make yourself beautiful, but there isn’t a whole lot on preventative steps (other than age defying mois...
14 Reasons a P.O.S. Car Is the Best Car
2 years ago
I've owned several cars in my lifetime. And right now I have a really nice 4Runner, but I've got to tell you...my favorite car was a branded title 15-year-old car with 165,000+ miles on it that I boug...