KJ Proulx

I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts with everyone. We all love movies, but let's be honest, sometimes we would like to hear a few opinions first.

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'Deadpool 2' - Movie Review
a day ago
I’ll start off and be completely honest in saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the first Deadpool film, but wasn’t blown away or busting a gut laughing from start to finish. The meta jokes were fantastic...
'Revenge' - Movie Review
4 days ago
Independent cinema can easily go under the radar to those who aren’t all that invested in the film world, but also due to the fact that the film itself may be slightly too gruesome or weird. Personall...
Marvel's 'Runaways' - Season One Review
7 days ago
As far as television goes, Marvel hasn’t exactly been hitting home runs, aside from their Netflix programming. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of the Runaways comic book series, so I was fairly we...
'Young Sheldon' Season One Review
10 days ago
Whether you have loved it or hated it throughout the years, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the most watched television sitcoms of all time. It was without question that the studio would eventua...
'Anon' - Movie Review
11 days ago
There’s always that one premise that comes along and impresses you to no end, but the execution may not live up to the promises that the film set up throughout the first act. Anon is one of Netflix’s ...
'Cobra Kai' - Season One Review
12 days ago
For so many reasons, I never felt that I was going to ever watch this series, let alone feel the need to review it, but did I ever eat my words when watching the first season of Cobra Kai. After the s...