KJ Proulx

I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts with everyone. We all love movies, but let's be honest, sometimes we would like to hear a few opinions first.

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'The Disaster Artist' — Movie Review
4 days ago
Films that revolve around the making of a film have been around for ages. Whether it was the behind-the-scenes antics during the making of Mary Poppins in Saving Mr. Banks, or the crazy stories told t...
'Girls Trip' – Movie Review
5 days ago
It's very rare that a comedy comes out and many of the jokes stick with you afterward. Not since films like Superbad, Anchorman, or The 40-Year-Old Virgin has a film come out and become a worldwide cl...
'The Shape Of Water' — Movie Review
15 days ago
Being praised around the world as one of the best films of the year from people visiting festivals, The Shape of Water is Guillermo Del Toro's latest venture into the strange and moving area of film. ...
'Coco' – Movie Review
19 days ago
Pixar, aside from a few weak entries with either Cars 2 or Brave, has always been the studio that places quality entertainment over making a quick buck. Coco is their latest outing, and I’d be absolut...
'Mudbound' - Movie Review
21 days ago
Netflix hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to original feature films, but there’s always been that rare occasion each year with films like Beasts of No Nation or Tallulah (at least in my o...
'Justice League' - Movie Review
25 days ago
Whether or not you feel like arguing for DC or Marvel, a good movie is a good movie, regardless of who made it. The terms 'fun' and 'dark' are the two that get tossed around the most when comparing th...