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Three Surefire Ways Minnesota Can Get Better as the Season Winds Down
2 years ago
The Minnesota Timberwolves came into this season with high hopes, a new coach, and a roster full of young talent that was sure to blossom. That hasn’t quite been the case. Although there has been prog...
Three Reasons Why a Zeke Suspension Might Not Be a Bad Idea
2 years ago
As you may have heard by now, Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys is making headlines yet again. This time, it is for allegedly breaking someone’s nose in a bar fight at a Dallas area sports bar. Th...
Rationalizing the “Steph” Comparisons
2 years ago
The NBA started to ramp up this past weekend, as this is when many say the NBA season actually “starts”, but it wasn’t necessarily due to the action on the court. As the trade deadline approaches, Sun...
Would Lebron James Have Survived in the 80's-90's?
2 years ago
Co-Written by Kenneth Wilson The other day in our company group chat, TJ decided to be the devil’s advocate and post “LeBron James would have sucked in the 90's,” knowing he would get a response. That...
Colin Kaepernick Is Being Blackballed and Everyone Knows It
2 years ago
Why can’t Colin Kaepernick find a job? For a while, many brought themselves to believe, or made themselves so shallow that they didn’t want to believe, that Kaepernick was being blackballed for his st...