Kay Dugi

I am an artist, a mother, a wife, and a dreamer. I am myself. Fifty-ish. Opinionated. Self-taught in my medium, taught by others in life.
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Our Mental Illnesses
10 months ago
So many people are dealing with depression right now. I see it in the news and I have read it on social media from friends. I have a cousin who lost her father last year and she still has a hard time ...
Memory Lane
a year ago
Traversing the roads that wind and spin through my mind. Memories on both sides. One memory leads to the next. Turning corners at intersections of thoughts and reminders. Sometimes taking corners too ...
I Get Lost in Here
a year ago
I know that I often times, get lost in here. I cannot explain why or how. I just get lost in here. I am adrift in my own mind. Not doing the things I should be doing Not doing the things I planned to ...
No Worries
a year ago
To be amazing. To be loved. To be famous. I wanted to be all of these things. I was not always excepted. I was not always expected. I see what I wished I was. I hear how I wished I sounded. Where is m...