Katy Preen

Research scientist, author & artist based in Manchester, UK.  Strident feminist, SJW, proudly working-class.

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Relationship Red Flag—Too Much, Too Soon
2 years ago
I’ve been thinking a lot about my experiences using dating websites and dating men in general, and I’ve reflected on my own behaviour and that which I encountered from my potential partners. Soul-sear...
The Truth About Late-Term Abortions
2 years ago
I decided to write about abortion, not because I have any information that’s not already out there, or because I have a particularly unique angle on it. But there is a problem with how politicians and...
Just Good Friends?
2 years ago
There has been much written on the Friendzone, and its counterpart the Fuckzone, by people of all genders and opinions on this dismal dichotomy. Experiencing the horrors of this trap is shitty for all...
What's The Story, Working Class Tory?
2 years ago
There have been a number of commentators recently that have ridiculed people who vote for things that are bad for them, e.g. working-class Tory or Republican voters. The focus is sometimes on politici...
Reflections on The Jeremy Kyle Show
2 years ago
What is it with Jeremys these days? They’re either heroes or villains; mostly villains at the moment, as evidenced by: Jeremy Hunt, the current Health Secretary and a new addition to the rhyming slang...
Taken By Storm
2 years ago
As winter develops, we are getting our fair share of shitty weather here in the UK. A couple of months ago, we had warnings for Ireland & Scotland as Hurricane Ophelia advanced. It was the first storm...