Katy Preen

Research scientist, author & artist based in Manchester, UK.  Strident feminist, SJW, proudly working-class.

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Doyle Syndrome
3 months ago
I had to check that there wasn’t a real illness called Doyle Syndrome prior to writing this post, and there isn’t, so we’re good. Although if there was, I’d just call it Mrs. Doyle syndrome — which ma...
Dear Theresa
3 months ago
I know that you’re having a tough time. Your job is probably the most difficult and thankless in the whole country, and yet it is also coveted by those you should be able to rely on. I say that it is ...
When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes
3 months ago
The title of this piece is the first line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29, which is analysed in detail here. The poem itself doesn’t have much to do with this topic, but taking the first eight lines in iso...
My Thin Privilege
3 months ago
As with all topics discussed openly on the internet, the Thin Privilege argument has descended into a battle in which a side must be picked. You're either pro-fat or pro-skinny, and there's no middle ...
My First Protest
4 months ago
The Conservative Party Conference was in Manchester last week, and plenty of people were unhappy about it. This isn’t a huge surprise as they’re lagging behind in the polls, social problems are rife, ...
Telling Tales: Why Survivor Stories Matter
4 months ago
Earlier this year, I attended a recovery program for survivors of domestic violence. The abuse had taken place more than 10 years previously, and it had haunted me ever since. The first time around, I...