Katie Thurston

MA English Literature student at the University of Warwick 

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The Art of Being Alone
35 minutes ago
Today was always going to be a strange one for me - in fact I've spent the entirety of January somewhat anticipating this day, wondering what it will bring and how it will make me feel. After all the ...
A 365 Day Whirlwind
22 days ago
I have always been aware of the inevitability of change, but there are certain things that feel so permanent in your life that you can never seem to prepare yourself for such a drastic shift. I starte...
Stretch Marks and Stigma
a month ago
Body positivity: A foreign concept to most. Looking in the mirror and analysing every feature of your body, reciting words of others repeatedly around in your head until they eventually become a part ...
a month ago
Some days my mind is as clear as a midsummer's sky and some days it’s simply jet black. Today, it’s a spectrum of grey. Anxiety - it's a complex illness and if you hadn't guessed by this point, it's s...
Songs That Shaped My Life
2 months ago
Music has always had a significant influence on my life and I’m truly never happier than when my record player is on. I’ve grown up pretty much solely on 1960s and 1970s music and it has had an impact...
How The Beatles Changed the Music Industry
2 months ago
I have spent a little time considering what it is I wanted to spend time writing about, and after foolishly posing the question to my dad, he responded "talk about how shit music is nowadays compared ...