Katie-Rose Coughlan

I am a history student and a literature enthusiast. I love to write and constantly stray from topic to topic, whether it's history, politics, poetry or everyday life.

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Bad Habits, Die Young
2 months ago
Hold out your hand because I'm in the palm of it. You're a bad habit And I'll die young because of it. Alone between the walls My mind races to the finish line You keep to your side And I'll keep to m...
Blank Canvas Syndrome
2 months ago
I'm sorry if I seem unkind It's just my own worry I talk and talk to push that boat out from Bewilderment Harbour It doesn't matter what I say Or whether or not I'm, in fact, saying anything Sometimes...
The Ghosts of the Five Lamps
3 months ago
They haunt the pavement, those children of Eden. They search for salvation so their hearts stay beating. The curiosity has long worn off, like amateur graffiti on corner shop. The steel-coloured house...
The Mist Across the Ford
7 months ago
The air was silent and yet it rang with sorrow and guilt, nostalgia sang. The men who once were boys together, will court the other’s ghost forever. I hover above the water’s veneer, watching, waiting...
The Birdhouse
8 months ago
His hair is iron and steel, as is his will, Cast in rigid form A trait of necessity It gleams silver The gold wedding Promise on his heart finger interrupts Laughing at the sun Its twinkle fills my ey...
Why Were Women So Accused of Being Witches in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries?
8 months ago
Opening Early modern Europe was the epicentre of many social, religious and economic changes. Against the backdrop of the Reformation and the Peasant Wars in the early sixteenth century, the belief in...