Kate O'Callaghan

An aspiring female writer from the UK, 20
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatWriterWoman

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3 Lesser-Known Youtubers That Will Entertain You For Hours!
11 days ago
To qualify for the 'lesser-known' category, all these youtube artists have less than one million subscribers. All links are at the bottom of the page.
Why Bumbleby Is a Bad Idea
3 months ago
To put it simply, gay rep is damaging to the straight community.
LGBT History: Gay Rights in England
5 months ago
I would like to start by repeating the word 'brief' as said in the title. There are many more pieces of legislation relating to LGBT rights within the UK that I do not have the time to include in this...
5 Cheap and Easy Changes to Reduce Plastic Usage
8 months ago
It's easy to look at those sad, sad pictures of marine animals, trapped by plastic rings or swallowing plastic bags, and get discouraged by the current state of humanity. But with 8 million metric ton...
The Scarecrow
9 months ago
Collecting scraps to build a nest is tiring work, I thought to myself, circling one of my local fields for the sixth time that day. It wasn't a huge nor pressing issue, as the eggs I had laid were qui...
Shh! (Extended Story)
a year ago
"Percy?" Madeline squawked, her voice echoing through the apartment. "Yes, dear?" Percy answered back. "I can't find my shoes!" "I expect that they have stayed in the place where you put them down." "...