Julie Barnes

Learning to laugh at life while feeding a family of five. Finding unique, unusual recipes on a budget.

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Most Reliable Midsize Cars
5 months ago
Midsize cars are a wonderful compromise on a number of different factors. They offer enough room for you to pack up everything and head out without issue. They are zippy and compact enough to handle w...
Best Slow Cooked Chili Recipes
5 months ago
If you have a busy schedule and often don't have the time to make yourself a healthy and tasty meal, then you should try these best slow cooked chili recipes. These meals are hearty and very flavorful...
Easy Lunches That Satisfy
9 months ago
Lunch might just be one of the most difficult meals of the day. Satisfying dinners are easy to whip up, as are built-up breakfasts. It's possible to get a stick-to-your-ribs dinner or lunch that also ...
New York City’s Best Steakhouses
a year ago
The custom of visiting steakhouses began in the 19th century, when people decided to start gathering at local steakhouses for great food, drinks, and conversations. NYC is critically acclaimed for its...
Delicious Classic Ice Cream Shops
a year ago
There’s really nothing better than digging into a bowl of creamy, blissful rocky road, or crunching down on the last bite of a vanilla bean filled waffle cone, and what better way to feed that sweet t...
Best Cooking Shows
a year ago
Cooking shows have become a part of society’s regular viewing routine as chefs and food impresarios from around the world constantly serve up new dishes through unique methods that delight audiences a...