John Marvin Scott

Jazz Student | Guitarist | DIY Music Philosopher

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5 Reasons to Start Playing an Ergonomic Guitar
3 days ago
Yes, we all know that if you aren't a true guitarist if you don't play one of the "Big Four" guitars (Strats, Teles, LPs and SGs). Well, I'm here to tell you that is 100 percent FALSE. In the last fiv...
The Beauty in Discovering Old Music
11 days ago
What does one consider old music? I suppose if we look at it from this exact moment, music from the 1980s is technically old music. But I want us to go back further than that. Further than the 1900s even. Let's go back to the 1600s. It is close to here where I want to take you first. Imagine for a moment that we are living in Austria in the mid-1600s. It's quite crazy to imagine, yes? I completely understand. But for a brief moment, let's imagine that that is where we are. You wake up from your ...
What Is 'Music Philosophy?' What Makes It Special?
11 days ago
Alright, for those of you who saw my latest post, you'll know that I'm going on this journey to dive into what music philosophy is. My main goal is to attempt to understand what the philosophy of musi...
The Practice That Saved My Life
11 days ago
If you've read up on the Alexander Technique a little bit, I'm sure you know the history of where it stems from. If not, I'll give you a quick overview. (It's extremely important, I promise.) In the l...
The Beginnings of My Journey Through Music Philosophy
a month ago
Hi there, my name is John Marvin Scott. I'm currently a music student, as well as a full time guitar teacher and performer based out Vancouver, BC. My journey into the concept of music philosophy star...
What It's Like to Change Direction
a year ago
Here I am, a 21-year-old student who thought he knew what he was doing. Does that sound familiar? I have a passion for art. Specifically, music. I have been creating, learning, and loving music since ...