Jessie Cole

  • Jessie Cole
    Published 2 years ago
    Let's Talk About Sex

    Let's Talk About Sex

    Sexual expression is an extremely personal thing. For example, I don’t mind people knowing I watch porn at all, but I would have to be extremely close to someone for them to know the type of porn I watch, you know? Personally, I think it would be beneficially for the next generation of women if we were all a little more outspoken about our interests and turn-ons, even just with our close friends. I have a good friend who does not masturbate at all and when she first told me I found myself automatically assuming it is because she is in some way repressed. Maybe her female influences in her life should of spoke to her more, or maybe she was taught to repress her desires through her religion. Then I realised how utterly judgmental I was being, it is more than possible that she just does not have the same sex drive as me or the same attitude toward expression. But it did make me wonder, how much of my sensuality has been shaped by my experiences?