Jenny Beck

I am a chiropractor, health advocate and advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

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2 months ago
If you've never heard of Moringa, you are not alone. Although this tropical plant grows abundantly in parts of Africa and Asia, many people living in Western countries are not familiar with it. Howeve...
Making True Health Accessible to All
3 months ago
Chiropractic is a form of holistic healthcare that can benefit everyone, from young to old. Sadly, the healing message of chiropractic is not reaching many due to communication barriers. The deaf community is considered to be an under-served population in terms of holistic healthcare and the primary reason is because the message of true health and wellness is not being communicated in their main language, American Sign Language. As a chiropractor and someone who is hard of hearing myself, I bega...
Understanding Meniere's Disease
3 months ago
Meniere's Disease is a complicated condition that may have several underlying causes. It is believed to be caused by an excessive amount of fluid in the ear which causes symptoms of dizziness, vertigo...
3 months ago
As I sit here in a quiet room, my ears are ringing, a loud hum that I am attempting to ignore. For me and millions of others who suffer from tinnitus, the world is never truly quiet. So, what is tinni...
Listening Fatigue
3 months ago
I am sitting in a lecture hall, trying desperately to concentrate. Seemingly outside of my control, my mind wanders. I pull my focus back on my professor, only for my mind to start wandering again mer...