Jas S

A young woman who has the desire to succeed and positively inspire others. 

Giving Up
3 months ago
Don't we all miss the days where we were carefree children? We didn't have to stress about paying our bills, finding a job, working to build our future and balancing our personal life. All we wanted t...
'You are Fat!'
8 months ago
People define women and men by their appearance. Some people can't see beyond the outer shell. Due to this reason, there are many heartbreaks. A large number of guys emphasise certain areas and when a...
Being Indian
8 months ago
Being born in an Indian family has its pros and cons. Lets start with some of the pros. Learn how to cook just by watching your mother Eating homemade Indian meals unlimited times Dress up in beautifu...
My Go-To Breakfast
8 months ago
Breakfast can be a difficult meal at times. Most people miss breakfast because they either don’t have time to cook in the morning as they are running late or they are too lazy. It is important to get ...
8 months ago
There is no doubt that people come and go. Very few of the people we meet we call our friends. But how well do we know them? You can say you're best friends with someone you've known for years, but ha...