Jacob Craig

Stand-up comic. MMA historian. I can guarantee I'm the geekiest person you know. Men in Black 2 is the greatest movie of all time, change my mind. 

Twitter: @jacobccraig

Insta: @jacomalfoy1

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10 Crazy Choices for Batman Villains That You Have Never Considered Before
a year ago
Over the years, there have been some reluctant, and it would seem at the time downright crazy choices for Batman villains. Heath Ledger as The Joker? Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? TOM HARDY as Bane?! Who...
5 Actors Who Could Play Moon Knight in a Marvel Netflix Series
a year ago
There have been heavy rumors lately that Moon Knight would be the next Marvel character to get his own Netflix series, and there are only a set few people who could pull off such a role. Because of th...
What If the Justice League Was Still in the Style of 60's Batman? (Fancast)
a year ago
Once upon a time in a magical land called the 60's, the Caped Crusader himself was on the small screen every week for families everywhere to gather around and watch. This Batman was campy, goofy, fami...
Doomsday Is Only the Beginning: 10 Actors Who Could Play Darkseid in the DCEU
a year ago
In one of the most recent trailers for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was revealed that Doomsday will be another villain in the movie, and several interviews from people working on the movie ...
Yippee Ki Yay: 10 Actors That Could Play a Young John Mcclane in Die Hard 6
a year ago
As you may have heard already, the planned sixth installment of the Die Hard series is going to be a prequel, and will star a younger John McClane than we've ever seen before. Because of this, I would...
Marvel Just Got Back the Rights to a Live-Action Taskmaster, and These 10 Actors Could Play Him
a year ago
Taskmaster, one of the lesser known villains in the Marvel universe, has had the live-action rights returned to Marvel. One can only wonder what they're going to do with this character, but I know I w...