Jacob Craig

Stand-up comic. MMA historian. I can guarantee I'm the geekiest person you know. Men in Black 2 is the greatest movie of all time, change my mind. 

Twitter: @jacobccraig

Insta: @jacomalfoy1

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5 Actors Who Could Bring Green Lantern to the CW!
2 years ago
Hal Jordan has been heavily hinted at all throughout both The Flash and Arrow, but most recently we actually saw proof of his existence. We saw a man wearing a flight jacket with "Jordan" on it in a b...
10 Actors Who Could Play The Question in DC and Kevin Smith's (Possible) Movie
2 years ago
Actor, writer, director, producer (Jack of all trades), Kevin Smith has recently stated that he would love to direct a movie following The Question, and with the birth of the darker themed DCEU, this ...
5 Actors Who Could Bring Blue Beetle to Arrow on the CW!
2 years ago
After seeing a major Easter egg referring to Ted Kord recently, it's only logical that we'll see him eventually. Because of this, I'd like to suggest a few actors who could play the character, and I h...
Batman Begins Again — Fan Casting 'Batman: Year One' for the DCEU
2 years ago
Batman: Year One has long been a favorite of DC comics fans. The comic explains the origins of Batman in a much more interesting way than we have thus far seen in movies such as Batman Begins. We have...
I'm Back Baby: Fan Casting a Live-Action 'Futurama' Movie
2 years ago
Futurama, the fan favorite TV show from the creators of The Simpsons, has built up a huge fan base over the years. Just like The Simpsons, this show has broken barriers and appealed to anyone and ever...
5 Actors Who Could Bring Adam Warlock to Life in the MCU
2 years ago
Ever since we saw his cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, there's been speculation as to who could play Adam Warlock. While we await confirmation of his appearance in the MCU, I figured I would hop on ...