Jacob Craig

Stand-up comic. MMA historian. I can guarantee I'm the geekiest person you know. Men in Black 2 is the greatest movie of all time, change my mind. 

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The Hunt for the Hunter: 10 Actors Who Could Star in the Boba Fett Solo Movie
9 months ago
Ever since the resurgence of Star Wars, fans have been begging for a Boba Fett solo movie, and it seems that the time has finally come. Back in 2014 this movie was rumored to happen with director Josh...
King of the Green: 10 Actors Who Could Star in 'Swamp Thing'
9 months ago
DC Comics is launching an online streaming service in order to air their own exclusive content, and they have recently announced that a live-action Swamp Thing show will be a part of the line-up. Swam...
The Hero We Deserve: 10 Actresses Who Could Play Batwoman in the Arrowverse
9 months ago
Just a couple of days ago the star of Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, confirmed in an interview that Batwoman will be introduced in the next Arrowverse crossover, and fans couldn't be more excited. Batw...
The Main Man's Movie: 10 Actors Who Could Play Lobo in the DCEU
9 months ago
News has broke that the fan favorite intergalactic mercenary Lobo is set to have his own solo movie directed by Michael Bay, and loyal followers of the DC Universe couldn't be more ecstatic. Lobo isn'...
The Doctor Is in: 10 Actors Who Could Play Morbius in the Upcoming Sony Film
a year ago
It seems that Sony is creating their own film universe with all of the Spider-Man villains they still own, including Morbius, the Living Vampire. While he's an obscure villain, Sony apparently thinks ...
10 Actors and Actresses Who Could Play Lex Luthor and Lois Lane in 'Metropolis'
a year ago
DC Comics has recently announced their latest addition for their exclusive streaming service in the form of a Superman prequel, and much like Fox's Gotham, it won't focus on the hero in question. Inst...