Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan. 

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The 19th Amendment
a month ago
The 19th Amendment is one of the most progressive, and historic amendments to our Constitution. Before the reversal of democrats and republicans, the Republican party was progressive enough to detail ...
The 18th Amendment
a month ago
The 18th Amendment was proposed to Congress on December 18th, 1917 and ratified on January 16th, 1919 but was repealed by the 21st Amendment on December 5th, 1933. The 18th Amendment was a product of ...
The 17th Amendment
2 months ago
This Amendment was passed by Congress, May 13, 1912 and ratified on April 18th, 1913. As such, the Constitutional Amendment declares that Congressional Senators can serve a six-year term in Congress. ...
The 16th Amendment
2 months ago
The 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913, due to the American federal government wanting a source of revenue while in fact reversing the 1896 Supreme Court decision that did not allow for a nationwide ...
The 15th Amendment
2 months ago
The 15th Amendment was about giving black men the right to vote, seeing as it stated that the United States cannot deny the vote based on race, color, or whether one had been a slave or not. The 15th ...
The 14th Amendment
2 months ago
The 14th Amendment is a heavy situation to write about. You see, natural citizens are born in the United States. To take away birthright citizenship is to destroy a huge cornerstone of what American l...