Indy Summers

Indy Summers is a freelance writer interested in fashion, healthy living, and fitness. She has worked as an esthetician, as a personal trainer, and as a freelance model for several years. 

Great Ways to Travel in Australia
a month ago
Why Australia? Australia started a $10 million campaign to attract European tourists through Ministry of Transport initiatives. One major reason to see Australia is because it is so beautiful and wild...
Feel Safer at Home When You Live Alone
2 months ago
When you live by yourself or you spend hours home alone, the evenings can get a little unnerving. This is especially problematic if you have the bad habit of letting your imagination run wild. Even th...
How to Use Aromatherapy to Enhance Your Meditation Sessions
2 months ago
Whether you practice meditation or are studying aromatherapy, you're going to love combining the two together. Meditation has been proven time and again to help relieve anxiety, lower levels of chroni...
How to Get Age-Defying Air
2 months ago
Who says you have to look your age? You could be 40 and look as if you’re still in your 20s, if you really tried. People guess age depending on how youthful your skin and hair look. Keeping your skin ...
This Year's Vehicle Lineup Has Plenty of Family-Friendly Options
2 months ago
Picking the right car becomes a little more important once you add kids into the mix. When you’re single, you’re comfortable tooling around in just about anything that runs, but with kids, you need to...
Home Trends that Are Trending for a Reason
2 months ago
Housing trends center around creating healthy and connected living spaces while including technological advancements. By considering the trends, you’ll be living in a home that is likely to have bette...