Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

10 Sexiest Video Games Ever Made
3 months ago
Ever since video games were first invented, there were programmers who tried to make a video game that was sexy. Some, such as Custer's Revenge, went down in history as being some of the worst video g...
10 Savings Apps You Need to Know About
3 months ago
I remember the last time my car broke down. I was living paycheck to paycheck, and the ball joint of my Mitsubishi Lancer had snapped. It cost around $900 cash to fix. Had my mother not bailed me out,...
How to Measure a Shot Without a Shot Glass
3 months ago
When I first started drinking, I bought a bartending book so I could learn how to mix drinks. It was very effective at teaching me great wine cocktails as well as a number of my favorite low-calorie v...
10 Signs That You're Dealing with a Child Predator
3 months ago
It's every parent's worst nightmare—finding out that your child has been a victim of a pedophile. It's something that will traumatize their child for life, and will harm their ability to have a normal...
10 Ways to Reduce the Chances of Being Victimized by Investment Fraud
3 months ago
When Bernie Madoff, one of the founders of NASDAQ, was caught defrauding high net worth investors of over $60 billion, the world went into shock. It was the most prolific case of investment fraud ever...
10 Facts About Donald Trump You Didn't Know
4 months ago
Donald Trump is one of the least popular presidents in American history—if not the most unpopular of all time. Though his policies are controversial and downright cruel at times, it's hard to deny tha...