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  • Gregory Ezekiel
    Published 7 months ago
    The Commute

    The Commute

    Another day, another alarm, another lovely work day. From East London to South London, three changes to go the commute. (Nowplaying - Frizz Price - Miles Away) I rather much enjoy the London Overground to the Underground, there’s just that little bit of distance, which keeps me sane. To be packed like sardines each day would have me probably taking more boxing classes. I don’t mind the occasional journey, neighbour having wandering eyes into my private conversations, while I type or search my favourite songs or book. I can’t help but look at them smizing, or always catch someone already looking at me when I look up (spooky). Apparently when you make eye contact with someone you’re meant to talk to them, and share vital information (blank stare), if only we smiled a little more. Everyone usually looks so depressed it rubs off, to the one beggar every journey having that rehearsed few lines as to why they need change, some seem like they really need while others have better trainers than me, hmm what fix is this change you’re getting for. (I mean I do give sometimes, but the way this nine to five life with bills, tax, expenses are set up I may join you guys if I keep up the change giving). Meanwhile there’s always someone passing lurgies (germs), coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth (my number one pet peeve. I can feel my throat closing up when this happens, if I roll my eyes any harder they will fall out my head) let’s not forget the touching of railings after *cries in bacteria* Anti Bacterial gel people, ANTI BACTERIA GEL! The anxiety; it’s that season. Deep breaths, my song selection is usually so perfect (to me), catches me when I feel like I’m over thinking (Nowplaying Jacquees - London), I wander off to my perfect scenario of how my day would start and of course everything goes my way at my time. Still coming to work having a longer break (A Monday off) (Nowplaying Normani x Wizkid - Checklist), more incentives and bigger check every 4 months (Nowplaying OT Genesis - Everybody Mad. You must know the famous Beyoncé Coachella routine to this song by now).