Greg Bogart

I don’t know what to put here lol. I love writing and I love content creation, and I finally found the right spot to do it!!

10 Signs You're the Boss Everyone Hates
2 months ago
Everybody wants to be a boss. Whether you're a CEO, President, or a lower-level manager, the inherent desire for power remains a big incentive for employees amongst all industries. However, being a bo...
Best Dungeons and Dragons Books for Tabletop Gamers
3 months ago
I'm, admittedly, a bit of a nerd. Well, not really a bit of one—I'm a huge one. I think the real precursor to being an official geek is whether or not you play Dungeons and Dragons. I'm not talking ab...
The 10 Best Games of 2018 for Xbox One
4 months ago
Every year, the age old debate rears its ugly head: Which gaming system is better, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? While the argument is fun to have, there's a pretty simple answer: Xbox One is unequivocal...
The 10 Best Gaming Computers for Hardcore Gamers
4 months ago
What most non-gamers (or at least the non-serious ones) don't realize, is that most computers aren't necessarily primed for extensive gaming excursions. In other words, people going on three day World...
Best Dry Red Wines to Pair with Steak
4 months ago
There is arguably no better beverage to pair with your steak than a full-bodied, dry, red wine. Whether you're a fan of the classic sirloin, a hearty ribeye, or the terrifically tender texture of a fi...
Top 10 Books About Real Estate Investing
4 months ago
I'll have to admit, as a longtime investor in a multitude of different markets—including stocks, junk bonds, commodities, and even, to a lesser extent, cryptocurrency—I've largely ignored one of the b...