Fabiola Ruiz

  • Fabiola Ruiz
    Published 18 days ago
    Escape to Tahoe

    Escape to Tahoe

    It was a cold winter day, the month was February of 2016 in South Lake Tahoe and it was my first time ever visiting. During the road trip to Tahoe there was snow everywhere making it feel like a winter wonderland. Me and my family had just gotten back from snowboarding and we were on our way to check in to our hotel room which was right in front of the beach. Whenever I go to any beach my main focus and instinct is to walk toward the crashing waves to touch the water. I was walking on the icy sand heading toward the water without even looking at my surroundings. I felt the water with my bare hands and yes it was cold. I then stood up and took a deep breath of the cold fresh air. I turned to my left and just stood there in disbelief and in awe. The view of the mountains straight ahead, the lake on my right, the icy sand on the left, and the sun shining down from the top left corner took my breath away and it immediately took away the numbness from my cold wet fingers. The feeling of every natural element surrounding my entire body gave me a sense of peace and tranquility. I took out my cell phone (Motorola Droid Turbo) to take a picture of the incredible view. All it took was one shot and done. In moments like this I like to take one picture and then immediately put my phone away to really appreciate the views and be in the moment.