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Here to help you help yourself. Your dreams are speaking to you in code and only you have the key. Don't ever waste a penny on dream books, they are literally the most useless form of self-help books out there.

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    Published 2 months ago
    Dream Books Are B.S.

    Dream Books Are B.S.

    Ah dreams, those pesky little head movies as Simple Jack once put it. Yes, they sure can be confusing and seemingly irrelevant. But what if I told you they held the key to the world and were the cornerstone of your success? That sounds cool, but I doubt it. Actually, the one thing I do believe is this; I believe dreams can be very important, especially when it comes to repressed or difficult situations you are going through. Whether that be anxiety, relationships, or even indecisiveness. Your brain has observed, processed, and is now trying to give you the answer to a problem, but you know that your awake brain and your dream brain do not speak the same language, and there is a lot of truth to that.