Dielle Ciesco

Dielle is a yoga teacher, author of two books, and artist. She's especially keen on meme-busting, taking an unquestioned idea that people use to justify how they feel and revealing it for what it is, a self-limiting trap.

Sacred Artistry & Living a Higher Octave Life
6 months ago
I've been writing about path and purpose—how we can never really be off path or without purpose, not really. And last time, I wrote about the multidimenional nature of our path—how our path has a sort...
Meme Busting: It's All Relative
6 months ago
What does it mean that something is relative? "It's all relative" is something we say when the truth of something depends upon the context to which it is applied. For example, while one person might l...
It's Not the Path but the Way You Walk It
7 months ago
In my last post, I wrote about the fear-based idea that a person can ever be off their path. We can never be living someone else's dream or walking anyone else's path. The only one in your body is you...
Spiritual Bullsh*t: 'Off Path'
7 months ago
I peruse a lot of social media groups that cater to what I guess I'd call "a spiritual mindset." I'm often shocked to see the kind of ideas out there that one would think "being spiritual" would lead ...
Meme-Busting: It's Half the Story
7 months ago
This morning, while purusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, I encountered one of those very political posts that sparks heated debate. It was started by one of the members concerning the Gilet Ja...
Don't Be a 'Teachy' Twit!
7 months ago
Online conversations are a beast of a different nature, one that often reveals the true level of insanity with which we are all living, unable to pass an opportunity to express our most important opin...