Dark Fiery Diamond

Looking👀 for Romance💋, love❤, and tragedy🙊? Well🤝, you're on the right👉 track🚈. Come on🙋🏽‍♀️over and sit. Let me tell you a story! 📖
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"Falling For You" (Pt.5)
10 days ago
A new day has come and Abby still remained tucked under the covers. The sunlight gracefully spills on the covers. A noisome tick and tacking sound repeatedly hit on her bedroom window. Abby groans in ...
"Falling For You" (Pt.4)
10 days ago
The loud beeping sound of the alarm clock has been on repeat for the past thirty minutes. Abby and her husband, Sam, still remain on their bed, seduced by sleep. She rested her head on Sam's chest. Bo...
"Falling For You" (Pt. 3)
11 days ago
The mysterious woman disappears in the crowd, nowhere to be seen. Abby begins her search on the dance floor, looking around for the woman. This game of "hide and seek" was another way of luring her in...
"Falling For You" (Pt. 2)
11 days ago
The day went by quickly and Abby remained in her office studying every little detail about her client. This felt like a test Samantha put her up to. It was unusual that her boss put so much trust in h...
"Falling For You"
11 days ago
The love between them has been a composition of sweet and sour over the years. Abby grew tolerable of it. Sometimes, to find true love you must break the rules. Abby Blacksmith and Sam Blacksmith have...