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    Published 3 months ago
    Dry Spell

    Dry Spell

    I haven't had sex in a month. Ugh, it hurts just to type it out... Now, I've gone far longer without it mind you but for some reason this month seems to sting a little extra. One old cast of mine had a bunch of post-its on the call board in the hallway with the number of days I had gone without... Obviously I was pretty vocal about it. And when I did a contract in the Mediterranean I went without it for six months while my boyfriend Cole waited for me back in Tennessee and trust me when I say that those drunken nights in Barcelona and Santorini were not always easy to get through. So I did what any normal self-destructive person would do and waited until I got home to cheat on him with a kid from the Hairspray tour and a yokel with braces who ended up looking like a decent guy 3 years later when he got the braces off and lost a few pounds (I'm not mean... just honest). And there have been more than one three month periods of unintentional abstinence, however I honestly think this is the longest I've gone without sex since 2006. Boo.