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Every 'Jane the Virgin' Season Ranked
17 days ago
Recently, Jane the Virgin came to an end with five seasons under its belt. It really is such a wonderful show and a couple of days ago I wrote a piece listing my top 15 Jane the Virgin episodes; so fo...
5 Short Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching
22 days ago
In the past month or so, I watched a couple of shows on Netflix that have an average episode runtime of 30 minutes each. I noticed pretty quickly that there were actually quite a few shows that I love...
5 Ways to Organise Your Bookshelf
a month ago
So, I own a fair few books, and I know that rearranging a bookshelf can be daunting for a lot of reasons, especially if you own a lot of books, but one element is trying to figure out how you want to ...
What to Consider when Picking Your University Course
a month ago
Right off the bat, I want to say that this post is written based on my experiences at a university in England. While education can work differently depending on the university and where in the world i...
On Writing Fanfiction
4 months ago
I don't often talk about fanfiction and if I ever do, it's usually with people I know already engage with it themselves, or have at least done so in the past. I often see a lot of opinions floating ar...
10 Things I Want to See from 'Sex Education' Season 2
7 months ago
Not too long ago, we got the fantastic news that Netflix's Sex Education was being renewed for a second season. According to the Netflix UK twitter account, there's no official release date but production will begin in Spring in Wales. It looks like it's going to be a little while before we see any new content, but there's definitely a lot that I'm looking forward. Below are 10 things that I hope to see in the upcoming new season of Sex Education. Things to note: this isn't in any particular ord...