Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a recent graduate from SCAD Atlanta with a BFA in Photography. Her writing touches based on issues other shy away from such as black rights, womens rights, and mental health stigmas. Instagram: @courtneyllowry

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The Truth About Being Disabled at the Savannah College of Art and Design
6 days ago
I have a disability. I’ve had this disability for two years and developed it while I was in college. But in the days I spent dreaming (manifesting) about my future life traveling the world, booking ce...
What I Learned from Not Taking Active Shooter Drills Seriously in Elementary School
13 days ago
With recent tragedies, like the double mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso this last weekend, we’ve come to realize that the world is no longer cozy and safe. Baby boomers, like my grandma, easily re...
Social Media is the Archive of Our Lives
a month ago
Often when I scroll down my friends’ Instagram feeds, I get this sudden gut-wrenching regret. But not because of them, but because of me. At the bottom of their feeds lies posts from 2014 and beyond—a...
Why Disney World (And Possibly Legoland) Will Reign Supreme Amongst Amusement Parks
a month ago
As I sit in the airport, waiting for a plane that will sadly take me home, I can’t help but think that what I experienced before this calm moment was a horrible nightmare. This weekend, I traveled to ...
Locations Have Trauma, Too
2 months ago
Revisiting trauma can be an important step in healing, but is it really necessary to heal? During a recent trip, I realized that bad memories and anxiety still nestled itself in the place that I was g...
How Exercising Empowers Me as Someone with Arthritis
2 months ago
As a kid, my bike was my prized possession. It was a tiny, magenta bike, with glittery streamers, that I tended to pull apart because it was irresistible not to. I rode fast around the pool in my back...