Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a senior photography major at SCAD. She can be found jamming out to PRETTYMUCH, writing poems, or raising awareness for psoriasis and mental health.

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How Art Heals a Broken Heart
18 hours ago
“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” I couldn’t have said it any better than when Augustus Waters quoted Hazel Grace’s beloved book in one of my novel-turned-movie classics, The Fault...
Things They Don't Tell You About Being a Photo Major
6 days ago
I’ve been a photography major at SCAD for almost four years now. As a senior, I’ve experienced the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs in my major. From chemical fingerprints on final imag...
Menstruation Isn't Taboo, Period
10 days ago
Shark Week. Monthly Gift. Crimson Tide. No matter what you call menstruation, it happens. Though there’s such a harsh stigma around bleeding every month that people are afraid to talk about it. Why? Media shows us that having a period has to be secretive event, and it would be a sin if everyone knew about it. From ads promoting “discreet pads” equipped with cotton wrappers to cringey scenes in movies where a father is faced with the task of buying pads for his daughter, it sparks insecurity and ...
10 Little Changes for 2019
16 days ago
With 2019 officially here, it’s the perfect time to look back on what shaped us in 2018. Whether last year was good or bad, filled with tears of joy or sadness, or you lived your best life, it’s impor...
Young, Dumb, and Swiped Right
20 days ago
The only place to start talking about my experience with online dating is to remember when I was crying on a sidewalk in front of my university’s library on a warm September evening. In one earbud Tay...
4 Underrated Christmas Songs to Listen To
23 days ago
With one day until Christmas, there’s just barely enough time to listen to some holiday tunes. However, we’ve heard the bells jingle since we were kids. Rudolph’s nose probably has dead batteries. San...