Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a senior photography major at SCAD. She can be found jamming out to PRETTYMUCH, writing poems, or raising awareness for psoriasis and mental health.


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The Truth About "Pro-Black" YA Fiction
a day ago
I think there’s a misconception about writers: either that we all sit in cafes in berets, sipping lattes. Or that we’re all overly emotional, still in high school, and wear turtleneck sweaters. But th...
'Then Came You': Not The Heart-Warming Movie About a Girl with Cancer
7 days ago
If you’re looking for a heart-warming film about living your best life today, Then Came You is not the film for you. It's YA-novel-turned-blockbuster-movie counterparts such as The Fault in Our Stars,...
Zoe Kravitz Will Not Be Your Stereotypical Angry Black Woman in 'Big Little Lies'
8 days ago
HBO’s pro-feminist chilling series Big Little Lies premiered it’s second season last night. Buzz created from the guest-appearance of iconic actress Meryl Streep from last night’s premiere was still e...
Tyler, the Creator's 'Igor' Allows Black Men to Be Vulnerable
14 days ago
Tyler, the Creator got it right. His latest 12 track album draped in high-pitched vocals, intense drums, and 80s synthesizers take us back to a time where artists sang from the heart, instead of about...
The Dance of the Inevitable
3 months ago
The wind whips, Biting at your nose And cheeks. But cheeks too warm to feel Anything because a zip of lighting pierces your chest. The cavities of it all rise and fall as you breathe and rattle every ...
In Light of Lorena, There's Still a Promotion of Abusive Men
4 months ago
This week, I engaged myself in the four hour-long episodes that chronicled the case of Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit. I had little to no knowledge of what their case was about, other than the obvious r...