Chelsea L. Pullano

Bunny-loving workaholic just trying to make sense of the world.

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The Grand Master
2 months ago
Agent David Asti, rising star of the DEA, sat in his office conversing with the cute new female agent that had just reported to the San Diego office that week. “So, how are you enjoying it here in San...
Apple AirPod Tips and Tricks
6 months ago
Let's be honest—you get a new piece of tech, do you sit down to read the manual before setting it up? Nope! You connect it and hit the ground running. While most of us are pretty good at figuring out ...
Why We Bought a House Before Getting Married
6 months ago
My boyfriend and I recently bought a house together. We are not married, and we are not officially engaged. We talked long and hard about this decision before we made it, and we certainly didn't take ...
Can My Rabbit Communicate with Me?
7 months ago
Rabbit owners the world over ask themselves the same question: Can my rabbit communicate with me? There are certainly times where it feels like your connection with your pet is deeper than meets the e...
How Do Zoos Prepare for Hurricanes?
8 months ago
Preparing for a hurricane is hard enough as it is, but it's even more complicated when you have thousands of wild animals to protect and care for. While pet owners are generally urged to evacuate, zoo...
Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies
9 months ago
Whether you have fall, summer, or indoor allergies, or any combination of the above, the symptoms can be a terrible mood killer. Summer allergies can leave you suffering for the majority of the nice m...