Cat Walsman

Mom to an energetic angel, wife to a wonderful man who fits my crazy <3 Prior active duty Army, current National Guard member. Super down to earth, fell in love with writing as a kid. Tips are appreciated if my writing appeals to you!

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Grimms' Fairytale Princess
2 months ago
I am a princess in a fairy tale. Not the fairy tales your parents read to you at bedtime; oh no. In my chapters, there is war with no champion. My imprisonment is mind, body, and soul draining. I pric...
Tiny Footprints on My Heart
2 months ago
I see your innocence in the soles of your feet. Velvet soft skin crowned with five pudgy stumps that I kiss to hear you laugh. Lightly, I trace the wrinkles with a cautious fingertip, so as not to dis...
3 months ago
I quite you like I quite nicotine. Unsure at first, keeping you in my back pocket in case the urge struck me. You were my guilty pleasure I hid from judgmental eyes that said it was bad for me. I star...
8 months ago
The sun warmed my small face while a breeze tenderly stroked my unwashed hair. I remember my laughter and the way she smiled when she looked at me, like maybe she really did love me. I guess she did, ...
Finger Paint
8 months ago
I want to watch it run, feel it soak through my outstretched fingers. Watch it drip onto the floor. If it’s deep enough maybe I could write with it like finger paint. But what would I say? I’m sorry? ...
Changing Your Mind During Sex Does NOT Mean You Were Raped
8 months ago
"I bet you'd be just like ecstasy," he breathed in between kisses. It was a pick up line I hadn't heard before, and honestly? Between that and his body I was feeling reckless and dizzy. I had been tal...